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February 15, 2008


Ben Matthews

Hi Elizabeth,

Facebook must be the prime example of implementing the third point - whenever privacy issues are raised or, as recently, it proved difficult to delete your account, they listen to their users, communciate with them, and then implement what they say they would.

I think this also expands to companies lsitening to their customers on Facebook - HSBC was forced to change their student banking policies in the UK after pressure from Facebook users, for example.

And thanks for the Heraclitus quote - I'll remember it as I go through my day!

Amy Chandler

This is great advice for organizations participating in social media. So many want to focus solely on the messages that they're sending out or stay behind the scenes as invisible bystanders, and they forget the important role of social media as two-way communication.

Mike Bawden


Thanks for this. I've seen so much recently on social media and it all starts to sound the same. I'm glad someone was able to write down some simple steps for clients to follow when it comes to getting into this area.

Do you think there's possibly a fourth step, though? It's one thing to listen, acknowledge and then act - but shouldn't a company close the feedback loop by telling people how they've acted and why? Reinforcement by inference is always risky. If a company wants to be seen as responsive, even if it chooses NOT to change, it should communicate its decision, shouldn't it?

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.

Thanks again,

Mike Bawden
Brand Central Station

Elizabeth Albrycht

Mike - Demonstrate is exactly what your proposed fourth step is. It combines action and reporting on it. Perhaps it would be better to separate them out, but the thought was there!



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