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March 27, 2008


Lee Hopkins

Nicely worded, Elizabeth -- kudos and a tip of the Akubra to you.


Ta Elizabeth,
Here’s the situ from my side - I have been waiting 6 weeks for this to be sorted.
12 Feb - I posted a comment under Eliz’s review on the new comms site (no reply; does New Comms Review respond to or ignore blog posts?)
22 Feb - I emailed Elizabeth asking politely for the comments to be reinstated (you said you’d notify Jen)
6 Mar - I tried to email what I thought was the webmaster to get progress (; zip!
13 Mar - received email from Jen thanking me for patience, saying she’d move to sort it.
25 Mar - I blogged about my concerns

Isn't this like the customer service rep who berates the disgruntled customer by telling them to fill out another form (which I guess I will have to).

As per your suggestion Elizabeth, I have also pasted a few counter reviews under your review for now.

Ta for your efforts to clarify.


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