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April 25, 2008


Jeremiah Owyang

I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Forrester analysts are expected to "make the call" and state a position and defend it. I know Josh and Charlene will be very excited to read this review. I guess you'll be buying more books for your class?

Baard Hansen

A great review of a great book. This book should not only appeal to managers, but also to students of marketing. And I would give this book to all those market managers that still believe in those "good old" marketing ways:-)

Peer Lawther

I fully agree with your review Elizabeth. - I'm currently reading Groundswell after importing it from the US to England (I was that desperate to read it after Jeremiah's exultations!) and so far, about 60 pages in, it's an excellent read.

Partly because, as you say, Li and Bernoff take definite positions (all rather refreshing for the social media book) and partly because, for a book full of stats (what brilliant ones they are!) they explain and elaborate succinctly.

One incredibly minor issue - the book is rather large (width/length-wise), not the easiest to read on the train to/from work ;-)

Josh Bernoff

Wow, Elizabeth, what a positive and detailed review!

We actually worked very hard on the examples. Our rule was, we had to be able to talk the principals, talk to the customers, and show actual ROI. What you said follows directly from that.

It's very hard to get people to frankly on the record about failures, which is why those examples weren't so vivid. The folks at Unica deserve praise for speaking frankly about the challenges with their blog -- I wish more people were so forthcoming.

Let's talk next week about using the book in classes. I want to hear more about what you are planning.

And Peer: sorry you found the book too large! The trim size was the publisher's decision. If people buy a bunch there will be a paperback edition some day.

Mariana Sarceda

Thanks a lot for the comment! I'll try to find it here in Argentina or I'll order it online.

Martin Edic

I'm in the middle of the book and I agree with your assessment- it's well done. We're grappling with the ROI issue in social media (we provide a social media monitoring service) and one emerging positive trend is that there is a definable return when you monitor client brands and reputations in real time for sentiment, demographics, location, etc., and have the ability to respond to the conversation rather than pitch to it. The whole model is completely different than traditional (both online and off) media because of the real time aspect...

Nisha edward

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