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July 24, 2009


John Cass

Great responses Elizabeth. I was thinking your point about being able to criticize colleagues and friends in the blogosphere is very important. I don't know if this is true, but to me a lot of the early bloggers really understood the value of debate. We also had a few misunderstandings, but in the end the discussion resulted in learning on all sides.

I think that one of the stumbling blocks with educating business people in how conversation works, is that they are not used to having a debate or disagreement in public. Certainly that happens internally, but external disagreement is seen as a weakness, or there's a fear that people will perceive your company to be too combative. While it is all how you handle a disagreement, I do think this point is very important, you don't have to be afraid to disagree and that disagreement may in actual fact bring you closer together. Rather the concern should be in not voicing any disagreements because otherwise you stifle conversation.

Dennis Phillips, Ph.D.

For those of us new to the blogging world, it is amazing the amount of time required to stay involved in the "noise." Your comment about changing priorities (child, teaching, etc.) is right on with growing and maturing in this or any endeavor. Thanks for sharing.

Public Relations

i think the bolg or internet change our lives,in order to keep the good relationsip with others, we have to improve our skills ,so you choose to study the master's and work in the school. for all of us the blogging influence our daily life,we can write our thougts and feeling about our life,and we can make more people konw much more about us.

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